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Orthodoxy is a cornerstone of Greek culture and tradition. Our Parish welcomes you! We are passionate about sharing the love of Christ, caring for each other, and making an impact our community.

Get Involved!

Connect and grow together! Put your faith in action while you take steps in your own journey. Our Parish ministries offer something for everyone, from youth to students to adults.


Greek education is another pillar of our community. Your family can learn in the Greek tradition with our Preschool, Greek School and Catechism School.

Apokriatiko Glendi - Canceled

Due to low ticket sales, the Apokreatiko Glendi is canceled for this Saturday night, February 18th. If you have already purchased tickets, you will be reimbursed. Please contact the office for reimbursement - 410-573-2072.


The Bookstore is open every Sunday immediately after Divine Liturgy, during the Annual Greek Festival and Crafts Fair, or contact the Parish Office.

Sunday Service
February 19, 2017

Judgement Sunday
(Meat Fare)


Saturday, February 18
Divine Liturgy at 8 am
The First Saturday of Souls

Tuesday, February 21
Vespers at the UMD at 5 pm

Wednesday, February 22
Divine Liturgy at 8 am

Saturday, February 25
Divine Liturgy at 8 am
The Second Saturday of Souls

There will be NO Divine Liturgy on Friday, February 17th. The First Saturday of Souls Divine Liturgy is on Saturday, February 18th at 8 am. If you want to have a bowl of Koleva made for Saturday of Souls to please to contact the Church Office. The cost for a small bowl of Koleva is $20 and for a Memorial Tray is $125.

Upcoming Events